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Back in 2007, I started with just making a list of all individual types of locomotives ever used in Poland by the state railways (PKP), private railways (few at that time), various industrial establishments etc. This list eventually has grown up to include over 300 distinct classes and types – in fact is still slowly growing and new classes appear from time to time.  Hopefully there will still be much to write about.


It was my intention to account for all these classes and types, and in fact it still is. Currently about twenty are left, most of them old and obscure classes represented by single examples that no longer exist. Reliable data on them are often very hard to find. Sometimes even the very existence of a class is a subject to dispute. Others, even quite numerous, were  quickly withdrawn and scrapped before their historical value could be appreciated.  Anyway, this all makes the research more exciting…


If you somehow made your way to my page and found it interesting, please return after some time: I will try to expand and update it as often as possible, but – well, I also have to make my living!




Basically I make use of all sources that, in my humble opinion, can be considered reliable. They include books, periodicals, brochures, web pages, private communications and whatever else might be conceived. For obvious reasons some references have been used relatively often and, in order not to quote all information each time, they have been denoted by abbreviations. They include (in alphabetical order):

AL = Atlas Lokomotyw by Paweł Terczyński (2002) (Poland)

ALE = Atlas Lokomotyw Elektrycznych by Paweł Terczyński (2017) (Poland)

AP = Atlas Parowozów by Paweł Terczyński (2003) (Poland)

AV = Atlas vozidel (parts 1, 2 and 3), edited by the Železniční Magazín  (Czech Republic)

DA = Dampflok-Archiv, four volumes (Transpress, Germany)

DL = Die Dampflokomotiven der Baureihen 01 bis 45 der DRG, DRB, DB und DR by Ingo Hütter (2009) (DGEG, Germany)

EDÖ = Erhaltene Dampfloks in und aus Österreich by Dieter Zoubek (2004) (Austria)

EZ = Encyklopedie Železnice, five volumes so far (Corona, Czech Republic)

ISRSL = Italian State Railways Steam Locomotives by P.M. Kalla-Bishop (Tourret, UK, 1986)

ITFR = Istoricul Tracţiuni Ferroviare din România by Şerban Lacriţeanu and Ilia Popescu (2007) (Romania)

KDD = Koleje Dawniej I Dziś bimonthly (Poland)

KMD = Koleje Małe i Duże bimonthly (Poland)

KT = Die K.k.St.B. Triebfahrzeuge by Johann Blieberger and Josef Pospichal (four volumes – Bahnmedien, Austria)

LBDZ = Lokomitivata na Bolgarskata Daržavne Železnice by Dymitr Deyanov and Stefan Deyanov (1998) (Bulgaria)

LAÖ = Lokomotivbau im Alt-Österreich 1837-1918 by Karl Gölsdorf (1978) (Austria)

LHR = Lokomotiven ‚Heim ins Reich’ by Andreas Knipping, Ingo Hütter and Hansjürgen Wenzel (2010) (Germany)

LOZD = Lokomotivy Otečestviennych Železnych Dorog by V.A.Rakov (vol. 1, 2 and 3) (Russia)

LP = Die Lokomotiven der PKP 1918-1939 by Ingo Hütter and Reimar Holzinger (2007) (DGEG, Germany)

LSPP = Lokomotywy spalinowe produkcji polskiej by Bogdan Pokropiński (2009) (Poland)

MAL = Malý Atlas Lokomotiv 2002 by Jaromír Bittner, Jaroslav Křenek, Bohumil Skála and Milan Šrámek (Czech Republic)

PNP = Parowozy Normalnotorowe Produkcji Polskiej dla PKP i Przemysłu by Bogdan Pokropiński (1987) (Poland)

PNPP = Parowozy Normalnotorowe Produkcji Polskiej by Bogdan Pokropiński (2007) (Poland)

PPE = Polskie Parowozy Eksportowe by Bogdan Pokropiński (1993) (Poland)

RR = The Railways of Romania by Chris Bailey  (2002) (UK)

SK = Świat Kolei monthly (Poland)

SS = Stalowe szlaki monthly (Poland)

TB = Typenblätter Nos.1 and 2 by Horst J. Obermayer, edited by the Eisenbahn Journal in 2002 (Germany)


I have tried to mention all references of various types (books, magazines, web pages etc.) where appropriate, but  direct feedback from other railway fans is always unique. I’d like in particular to thank all those who helped me by sending valuable and hard to find information in response to my sometimes odd queries and, in some cases, their own photographs. They are (again, in alphabetical order):

Toms Altbergs (Latvia)

Vadim Anokhin (Russia)

Toma Bacic (Croatia)

Łukasz Bączek (Poland)

Igor Bosnyakov (Russia)

Daniel Brabenec (Czech Republic)

Tadej Brate (Slovenia)

John Bryant (Canada)

Ian Calderwood (UK)

Tom Caudill (USA)

Jacek ‘JacoChiżyński (Poland)

Ariel Ciechański (Poland)

Tomasz Ciemnoczułowski (Poland)

Nick Clarke (UK)

Duncan Cotterill (UK –

Phil Crawshaw (UK)

Tomisław ‘Tomi’ Czarnecki (Poland)

Rik Degruyter (Belgium)

Marek Dąbrowski (Poland –

Michał Derela (Poland)

Seweryn Dębski (Poland)

Krzysztof Dobrzański (Poland –

Mircea Dorobantu (Romania)

Winicjusz Drozdowski (Poland –

Tomasz Drzewiecki (Poland –

Frank Engel (Germany –

Keith Fender (UK)

Roman Ficek (Poland)

Yves Godrie (Belgium)

Maciej Górowski (Poland) –

Marek Graff (Poland)

Lawrence Van Haecke (Belgium)

Tamas Haller (Romania)

David Hills (UK)

Charles Hinton (UK)

Markus Hoenicka (Germany)

Klaus D. Holzborn (Germany)

Urs Hudritsch (Switzerland)

Ingo Hütter (Germany)

Bernd Illge (Germany)

Ferenc Joó (Hungary)

Agata Kasperek and Roman Reichelt, aka PhotoGataR (many more excellent railway related pictures at

Michał Kawecki (Poland)

Attila Kirchner (Hungary)

Adam Krzemiński (Poland)

Jason Van Landschoot (Belgium)

Sebastián Langhoffer (Slovakia)

Damian Lemański (Poland

Robert J. Lettenberger (USA)

Everett Lueck (USA)

Krzysztof Malinowski (Poland)

Florian Menius (Germany)

Jan Michalski (Poland)

Kurt H. Miska (USA –

Tomasz Mleczek (Poland)

Tim Moore (USA)

Kai Mund (Germany)

Wojtek ‘Mundek’ Nowak (Poland)

Holger Neumann (Germany)

Rafał Onysk (Poland)

Jean-Marie Ottelé (Luxembourg)

MichałDoctorPawełczyk (Poland)

John Peakman (UK)

Mariusz Plewka (Poland)

Geoff Plumb (UK –

Josef Pospichal (Austria)

Robert Prusakowski (Poland)

Stefan Puscasu (Romania –

Artur Przęczek (Poland)

Adrian Raduta (Romania)

Wim De Ridder (Belgium)

Chaz Robitaille (USA)

Ryszard Rusak (Poland)

Derek Russell-Hill (Ireland)

Geoff Sarbutt (UK)

Giuseppe Signorello (Italy)

Ryszard Stankiewicz (Poland)

Piotr Staszewski (Poland)

Jarosław Dominik Stawarz aka Chester (Poland)

Petr Štefek (Czech Republic)

John Stewart (Canada)

Maciej Stępień (Poland)

Rolf Stumpf (Germany)

George Togias (Greece)

Chris West (UK)

Rafał Wiernicki (Poland)

Dmitry Zinoviev (Russia)

Dieter Zoubek (Austria)

… and the list is still growing. Thanks a lot!


And, last but not least, I’d like to thank Lech Sałkiewicz and Artur Liszka, who first made this project possible and then helped me on technical issues. I am not a computer specialist, so without their assistance it would all have ended up in nothing. Thanks, pals!


All photos and images are of my authorship, unless otherwise indicated.


Finally, if you have any comments, corrections, amendments or remarks, and especially any words of appreciation, or a photo you’d like to see on my page, please contact me here. Every valuable contribution shall be acknowledged – but please allow some time.




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